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DUDE, MY DUDE started out as a casual songwriting project during Benji and Matthieu’s final months at uni. Following the relentless support of friends, the boys began to realise that the project had greater potential than just being a bunch of voice memos.


The band moved to London where they befriended Matt E Williams, who produced and played drums on their first single “Loser”. Anticipating the return of live music, they found Angie online and were instantly persuaded by her portability and expressive bass playing. Shortly after the trio hopped back into Matty’s studio to implement Angie’s sound on following singles.


“Loser” made its way to Spotify’s New Noise and The Scene playlists, introducing an “uncompromisingly raw” and “infectiously fun” sound to the alt-rock scene. 


March 5th

March 25th